The Catch: Chennai’s Fishing Community

Photography by Rhett Kleine

tWS: FISHERMEN load their catch up on to a trolley to be taken around the market to be sold

tWS: NETS ARE laid out over the back of a deep sea fishing vessel while it is moored in the harbour

tWS: BOAT LOADS of fish pull up to shore to be unloaded for sale while the deep sea vessels in sway on their moorings in the background

tWS: A BUNDLE of nets lie on the jetty awaiting the next voyage out to sea

Rhett is a third year Documentary Photography student. He has documented stories across India for the Water Story project. These stories have ranged from the effect that contemporary Hindu festivals have had on Bangalore’s waterways in the south, to the Koli, further north, who are stone-age fishermen indigenous to the Maharashtra coast. Then to the Changpa Nomad’s in India’s northern peaks. Recently Rhett has covered how lockdown exacerbated Australia’s already high rates of domestic violence. His work ultimately aims to strike a deeper chord with audiences in how we understand the human condition and how we relate to the environment around us. See Instagram @rhettdoesphoto

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