Silk from the Sewer

Story and Photography by Isabella Porras Green bushels of mulberry swaying in the wind. The untouched potential of wastewater. A journey to silk. Photojournalist Isabella Porras follows the journey of silk production In rural Karnataka, from the innovative use of unwanted waste water to the weaving of silk saris worth thousands of rupees. tWS: BENGALURU … Continue reading Silk from the Sewer

Once in the Service of Kings

Story and Photography by Rhett Kleine Dotted throughout Bangalore are dhobi ghats. Forests of sheets, shirts and pants. Row upon row nestled amongst Bangalore’s suburbia. Hiding among the flowing linen are detergent stained pools where the madiwala or dhobis go about their business. ‘Madiwala’ in Kannada means washermen. Traditionally the laundry men of Maharajas, the madiwala now service the laundry … Continue reading Once in the Service of Kings

The Catch: Chennai’s Fishing Community

Photography by Rhett Kleine tWS: FISHERMEN load their catch up on to a trolley to be taken around the market to be sold TWO FISHERMEN haul a basket of fish up into the markets from their boatA MAN rests on the side of the boat after unloading the catch from his fishing vessel tWS: NETS … Continue reading The Catch: Chennai’s Fishing Community

Leopards, Wolves and Other Foul Things

Story and Photography by Rhett Kleine The Tibetan Plateau, often referred to as the roof of the world. One can’t quite grasp the truth in this name until they see the snow-capped Himalaya disappearing amongst swathes of stark white clouds. The Changpa Nomads have called this dusty plateau home for more than a millennium.  tWS: … Continue reading Leopards, Wolves and Other Foul Things

Ganesh Chaturthi: A Corrosion of Water and Faith

Story and Photography by Rhett Kleine Groups of young men chant Vedic hymns around the small pond alongside Sankey Lake in Bangalore, Karnataka. Statues of the Hindu god Ganesh are the centre of these religious devotions, one stands at the height of a man. tWS: A PLASTER of Paris Ganesh idol is draped in flowers … Continue reading Ganesh Chaturthi: A Corrosion of Water and Faith

Bracing for the Monsoon

Story and Photography by Micah Coto A flash of light pierces the sky, then! CRACK! Lightning! The rumbles of thunder are quickly drowned out by the bellowing rain. Giant storm clouds are silhouetted amongst a chaotic light show in the sky. The streets outside the house burst to life as sewage channels by the road … Continue reading Bracing for the Monsoon

The Man and the Lake

Story and Photography by Micah Coto Srinivasal Reddy:  The Man, has lived by the lake since 1991. Originally from the Kolar Gold fields, Srinivasal Reddy travelled just under 100 km west to Subramanya Kere to find work as a coolie ­– a general labourer. A friend gave him a bit of land to build a house. It … Continue reading The Man and the Lake

Evicted: Pushing the poor to the fringes

Story and Photography by Micah Coto You can see them in the distance - high-rises, apartment complexes, office buildings and shopping centres. Over time, more are built. They slowly grow closer and closer. The roads outside the village become busier as people flood the land and before you know it, you are surrounded. What was … Continue reading Evicted: Pushing the poor to the fringes

Along the Mithi

Photography by Dylan Crawford The ever-expanding city of Mumbai has put immense pressure on the natural environment. Mumbai’s largest river, the mighty Mithi, now turned into a stormwater drain, wends through the city carrying with it the garbage and the sewage of millions. On its banks is Dharavi, India’s largest slum – the second largest … Continue reading Along the Mithi