Ganesh Chaturthi: A Corrosion of Water and Faith

Story and Photography by Rhett Kleine Groups of young men chant Vedic hymns around the small pond alongside Sankey Lake in Bangalore, Karnataka. Statues of the Hindu god Ganesh are the centre of these religious devotions, one stands at the height of a man. tWS: A PLASTER of Paris Ganesh idol is draped in flowers … Continue reading Ganesh Chaturthi: A Corrosion of Water and Faith

Regreening the concrete jungle

Story by Courtney Thomas and Photography by Adam Waters The south Indian city of Bangalore was once known for its beautiful lakes and rich greenery, but due to urbanisation over recent decades, much of that natural greenspace has been lost and the city is now dominated by concrete. In fact, experts say the city has … Continue reading Regreening the concrete jungle

A Problem Political

Story by Joshua Holmes Kemps Corner – a suburb at the southern end of Mumbai made up of picturesque colonial buildings dating back to British settlement, is the embodiment of old-money and wealth. It’s also the perfect example of a well-regulated community with access to clean potable water available in abundance for cooking, cleaning and … Continue reading A Problem Political

Struggle Streets

Story and Photography by Brittiny Edwards “Water is a fundamental right of every living thing, water is not the human’s property, it belongs to nature,” Sitaram Shelar tells a group of students at Mumbai University. shelar is the convenor of Pani Haq Samiti in Mumbai, a Non-Governmental Organisation fighting to secure the universal right to … Continue reading Struggle Streets

The Water Mafia of Mumbai

Story by Jake Kearnan “Informal systems deliver”. The three words hang in the air in Sulakshana Mahajan’s comfortable living room. It is clear that Mahajan, an Urban City Planner with an impressive track-record in Mumbai, is a pragmatist.  Her description of the lucrative black market for water in Mumbai, orchestrated by the so-called water mafia, … Continue reading The Water Mafia of Mumbai

Securing Supply

Story by Tom Roberts With most of Maharashtra in the grips of the worst drought since 1972, Mumbaikers eagerly await the monsoon that promises 94% of the city’s annual rain falling between June and September. It is the only respite in another wise dry Mumbai. Every year it is cat-and-mouse game between fast depleting water … Continue reading Securing Supply